二、单项选择(15分) 1. Where’s Simon from? _____.

A. Australia B. French C. English D. Chinese 2. ——____ do they think ____ the books? A. How, for

B. What, for

——They love them.

D. How, of

C. What, of

3. ——How were the people there? A. They are

B. They were

——____ unfriendly.

D. She was

C. He is

4. ——Do you want to watch this video?

—— No, I think it’s ____. Let’s go to the movies. A. boring B. interesting C. exciting D. funny 5. We like koalas because they’re ____ cute. A. kinds of

B. a kind of

C. kind of

D. a kind

6. There’re three _____ in the office.

A. polices B. policeman C. policemen D. policewoman 7. ____ the park you can see an old hotel. A. Cross from

B. Across from

C. Turn left

D. Next

8. —— Who ____ the supper yesterday? —— My father______.

A. did cook, did B. cooked, did C. did, cooked D. cooked, cooked 9. Don’t ____ late for school. —— Sorry, sir.

A. arrived B. arrives C. arriving D. arrive 10. ——How’s it going with you? A. Sunny and cool


C. Thin and short

D. Tall

B. Not bad

11.Where are the boys? —— Look! They _______ the flowers. A. are water B. are watering C. is watering D. are watered 12. ——____?

——I’d like a dessert.

B. Can I help you D. What you would like

——Oh. It’s Cathy’s mother.

D. of

A. What do you like

C. Would you like a dessert A. has

B. with

13. ——Who’s the woman ____ blonde hair?

C. wear

14. --- How is the weather? ---It’s ______.

A. suny B. rains C. cloudy D. wind 15. ——Welcome to China! A. No, thanks


C. Thank you

D. Don’t mind

B. You’re very good


Yesterday evening my friends Ruth and Kelly came to see me. We __1__ about our last weekend. For Ruth, the weekend wasn’t __2__. On Saturday morning she studied history. She saw __3__ talk show on Sunday. “It was great,” Ruth said. __4__Kelly’s weekend was not very good. She was really __5__ because she had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning she went __6__ with her mother and bought a lot of things, and she __7__ a book about music on Saturday afternoon. She __8__ her grandparents on Saturday evening. On Sunday she wrote a new __9__ for the school music festival(节日). It was a little bit __10__. 1. A. said 2. A. bad 3. A. an open 4. A. So 5. A. happy 6. A. playing 7. A. read 8. A. excused 9. A. letter 10. A. colorful

B. talked B. long B. a boring B. And B. tired B. swimming B. watched B. found B. email B. shy

C. told C. good C. an interesting C. Or C. excited C. shopping C. saw C. visited C. opera C. difficult

D. spoke D. lazy D. an awful D. But D. relaxed D. camping D. decided D. paid D. song D. expensive



( )1. My brother can listen to Children Stories at ______ of FM 97.4 MHz. A. 15:30 B. 14:20 C. 18:00 ( )2. Football News comes out _________ . A. in the morning B. in the afternoon C. in the evening ( )3. Animal World means _________ in Chinese. A. 动漫世界 B. 人与自然 C. 动物世界 ( )4. We can listen to pop music in _________ ways(途径). A. three B. four C. five ( )5. Mary wants to join the China Today, she should choose______ . A. FM 97.4 at 20:30 B. FM 90.0 at 20:00 C. AM 628 at 12:30


You’re welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Everything in our restaurant is cheap and delicious. Let’s have a

look. For breakfast, you can eat porridge, eggs and noodles. For lunch and dinner, you can have rice, dumplings, different kinds of meat and vegetables. There are also some drinks for you. Come and have a meal, please. It’s a good place to enjoy yourself.

Breakfast: porridge($1.00), egg($1.00), noodles($2.50-$5.00).

Lunch and dinner: rice ($1.00), dumplings ($5.00), cabbage ($6.00), carrots ($8.00), potatoes($8.00), chicken ($12.00), fish ($15.00), mutton ($18.00);green tea ($2.00), iced tea ($3.00), orange juice ($4.00). Business hours: Mon.-Fri. 6:30 a.m.-9.30 p.m. ; Sat.-Sun. 7:00 a.m.-10.00 p.m.. 6. What can you eat for breakfast in the restaurant_________.

A. Dumplings.

B. Beef noodles.

C. Ice cream.

D. French fries.

7. You can have a meal in the restaurant________. A. at 6:40 on Saturday morning C. at 11:30 every morning A. $ 8 _________. A. iced tea A. A reporter. 五、词汇运用(10分)


When Mary Smith was a student, she always w__1__ to be a teacher, because she loved children. When she was 22 years old, she began to t__2__ in a small school. She was a good t__3__. The children liked to c__4__ to her class. One day one of the girls in her class s__5__ to her, “Miss Smith, why does a man’s hair become w__6__ before his beard?” Mary laughed and a__7__, “I don’t know, but it happened(发生) to my father.” The o__8__ children laughed when they heard this.

Then one of the boys said, “I know, Miss Smith! Men’s hair becomes white b__9__ it’s sixteen y__10__ older than their beard(胡须)!” 六、任务型阅读(5分)

I think most of you know a singing group called S.H.E. . It’s from Taiwan, China. There are three lovely girls in it. They are Selina. Hebe and Ella . They are very popular.

Lots of girls like Selina because she is very beautiful. She has long, straight hair. She is medium height and thin. Ella is really cool . She looks like a boy. She is medium height and a little bit heavy. She always has short and straight hair and wears a jacket and pants. Many fans think she sings very well. Hebe is a nice girl. She isn’t tall and she is medium build. She has long, straight hair. She wears a cute hat(帽子) sometimes.

B. orange juice B. A clerk.

C. green tea C. A waiter.

D. an egg D. An actor.

10. What does the speaker probably(可能) do ?

B. $9

B. at 9:45 every evening D. at 11:30 on Sunday night C. $10

D. $11

8. If you have rice, cabbage, and green tea for lunch, you need to pay___________.

9. Mr Black goes to the restaurant with $ 22 for dinner. He can order rice, potatoes, chicken and

Name hair style build

Selina 1._________ 2.________________ Hebe Long, straight isn’t tall, 3.______________ Ella 4._________ medium height, 5.____________ 七、书面表达(20分)

假设你结识了一位外国笔友。 1、小作文


_____________________________________________________________________________ 2、大作文







五、词汇运用(10分) 1. wanted




5. said 10. years

6. white 7. answered 六、任务型阅读(5分) 1. long, straight

8. other 9. because

2.medium height and thin 3.medium build

4 short straight 5 a little bit heavy 七、书面表达(20分)

1. Welcome to Beijing!(写出这一句得五分,其它合理的句子,酌情给分。) 2.略(15分)。


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